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In today’s digital age most analog gear can now be found in a simple

plug-in. This has lead to the rise of “in the box mixing”. Studios are

abandoning the traditional mixing console and moving towards digital control


As this trend grows, the British pro-audio company Neve released the Genesys
mixing console giving engineers an opportunity to combine the flexibility of a Digital
Audio Workstation with the classic sound and feel of an analog board.
The Genesys features 16 channels with mic and line preamps as well as EQ’s a
dynamic section, 8 internal auxiliaries and a 5.1 output. All parameters can be
controlled through the on board computer within the console making audio routing
through the console similar to working within a DAW on your computer.
All of these features combine make the Genesys an easy to use console for the digital
age producer and engineer by integrating classic analog circuitry with the flexibility
of a digital system.

Check out this video below for a complete rundown of how the Genesys eases workflow.


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