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About a year ago I had the pleasure to work with two very talented musicians.

     New Beings comprising of two members, Mickey Sanchez and Christian Peslak. Mickey in charge of keys, guitar, vocals, and drum machine. Christian on guitar, vocals, harmonica, and DAW drum percussion. NB’s music can be described from Pop, Dance, Rock, and a little Funky. Mickey and Christian are comfortable behind their own computer recording themselves. They have been doing it for years. They came to the Brewery to get some more room for drums, and begin to really hone in on some guitar sounds they were unable to do at their house, working on their project We Belong Here. 


One of their singles can be heard on their BandCamp here (New Beings)

New Beings is a joint venture of two separate artists. Both stepping back from creating their own music, and coming together to make something great.  Their other common projects they are known for is a band called Delicate Steve who is famous for frontman Steve Marion.


Here is a video of their song Sinawava