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Fresh from killing it at SXSW, the dj/producer duo known as Flosstradamus are right back to work in the studio. For the past week Curt Aka Autobot has been locked down at The Brewery tweaking and creating new tunes.( Plenty of 808 bass and precisely chopped samples filling out hard ass drums.) This shit knocks. Floss has been hitting the internet and social media outlets heavy as of lately dropping new music, videos, and previews of upcoming work. They also have been promoting their upcoming collaboration with southern rap group, Travis Porter. You can hear a preview of DROP TOP here as well all of their released music through their sound cloud page. Along with all of the new music and touring Autobot and J2K have been adding to their already extensive merchandise website. HDYBYZ <–


It always amazes me how much work these guys  get done with the time they have. Since most of todays popular Djs are doing anywhere from 200-300 shows a year, a lot of the work gets done on buses, planes and in hotel rooms. Lately The Brewery has been the hot spot for many of these guys when on or off the road and have developed a relationship within the EDM family. Our plug and play systems make it very easy to connect all of their equipment to ours seamlessly. Since the laptop has become the preferred instrument of most, our brand new monitoring system gets a chance to shine. Our comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable staff makes any of their experiences here a memorable one. We look forward to continue working with Flosstradamus and all of the new artists we have met within the past few years and can’t wait to hear all of the crazy shit that’s coming out for 2014.

Make sure to check out  Flosstradamus twitter page for all of the latest news.



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