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Construction in the control room continues at The Brewery, and this weeks project includes two matching absorber clouds. Made of wood, fabric, fiberglass, blood, and sweat, these will help to tame those unruly frequencies while we are mixing, and they also look baller as hell. Check out how we got the job done, and are one step closer to the control room of our dreams!

Processed with VSCOcamAs always the first step was a trip to the hardware store for lumber and hardware. After we decided how large we wanted to make he new absorbers, we used the measurements to gather our wood. Since we were replacing the older clouds, we used the frames of those panels for the frames of the new clouds. We only had to purchase wood for the outside border and some wood for extra support. Once we had everything in hand at the studio, deconstruction began!

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam
  We took down the older clouds and pulled them apart.  We put all of the fiberglass stuffing to the side and separated each absorber panel from the cloud. Once we had the clouds down to bare bones, we had to reconstruct the pieces to fit our new larger design. We laid out 4 panels per cloud (one more per panel than our older clouds), and framed them together. After the main support frame was built, the stuffing was re-added and some 2×4 were used as temporary support to hold everything in place. The next step was to pull the fabric tight over the front of the panels and staple it in place. We made sure to keep any wrinkles, and creases from happening in the process. Once the fabric was secured, we could add the final border wood and remove the temporary 2×4.

Processed with VSCOcamThe final step was to hang these bad ass panels and that wasn’t any easier than making them. We found some cool hook and screw type mounts at the hardware store, and used u-hooks to mount all of the pieces together. The screw type bracket gives us awesome control over the height of each corner of the clouds. Make sure to stay updated with all of the changes we are making in our control room and throughout the rest of our studio!


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