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Andrew W.K. is well known for his constant partying which led to his credibility as even having major nosebleeds as a result from his outrageous lifestyle. It was rumored that he struck himself in the face with a small piece of cinder block during the photoshoot, but later it was revealed that the blood is actually from an animal which he got from a butcher’s shop. Party! Party! Party!

Retailers like K-Mart and Wal-Mart refused to stock the above record unless the above back cover was altered and the song “Rape Me” was changed to “Waif Me”.

The thumb sticking out of his pants was thought to be a penis, and was subsequently airbrushed out.

Republicans thought that Bruce was shown to be urinating on the US flag in this album cover. Why Mr. Springsteen would do such a thing is beyond me but who knows. Either way the cover was changed immediately before its release date.

Toilet covers caused an uproar in the 60′s. According to the public in 1968, pictures of toilets were considered vulgar and obscene. What do you think about the change of censorship that has taken place in the U.S.?

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