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Cheers! Thanksgiving was great and of course we even got a tree for the holidays. Since we last spoke, we’ve been back to our busy selves with a ton of awesome sessions. We even had an awesome AES Conventiona & CMJ Showcase cocktail party. About 150 of you guys made it down and made our rooftop light up with free booze, familiar faces, and live DJs.

We’re very excited to announce that we will be releasing a Brewery MIxtape featuring a great melange of the artists that record with us! Watch out for more updates on this in the coming weeks. Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius worked on overdubs and mixes all through November for the upcoming WZRD album with engineer Noah Goldstein. The album, which I guarantee will blow you away, is set to drop at the beginning of 2012.

OFWGKTA, better known as just Odd Future, was in the studio with engineer Andrew Krivonos working on new The Internet album. They tracked two songs and starting some mixing on the project.

Andrew Krivonos has had his hands full this Fall. Latin tres-guitarist Junior Rivera and his Grupo Yabukoa are on the finishing touches to their album after three years of hard work. Staten Island rapper Ceazar wraps up his album Render the Throne in the coming days. Expect the singles to debut soon as he’s also shot three of them in the past month! Brooklyn rapper and long-time friend Rilgood finished his JFK EP and released it last week digitally. Berto the Star and J Thuro also recorded, mixed and mastered their respective mixtapes with Andrew in the past few weeks.

C-Po, a fresh face on the hip-hop scene from Jersey, has been working with engineer Nick D’Alessandro mixing and mastering is EP called Club Godzilla. Nick’s also been tracking for Jigg’s new mixtape and for Soundwave Records’ new project with producer Jr Johnson.

Bryan Lampe has been engineering for artist’s Kazi and DaVinci. Engineer Jay Powell has spent the past few weeks recording vocals with Marty McFly.

More updates coming soon! For now, be safe and happy holidays!


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